Baby Boy Basket Deluxe

Baby Boy Basket Deluxe


This Adorable basket comes in a fully functional push cart that is both decorative and functional.  An amazing gift filled with baby blankets, swaddles, socks, books, plush animals and more.

As baby grows and starts walking, the push cart can be used for loads of fun activity time.  

What's inside this basket?

A gorgous Wooden Push Cart that can provide hours of walking fun once those babies hit toddler age.

A Cozy Chic Stroller blanket that is soft and perfect for snuggling.

An Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket. This blanket gives baby a safe and snug swaddle, but has a multiple of other uses.  

An animal blankee that is sure to be baby's favorite security pal.

A hand knit doll..this one is a friendly raccoon.

A Dino shaped wooden push toy.

My Heart Is A Zoo Hardcover book.

Twinkle, Twinkle board book.